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After using Eco Fusion Carpet Care, our goal is that you will never look for another company to clean your carpets or upholstery again. Here at Eco Fusion Carpet Care, we strive to do our very best at each job we obtain. Because of our professionalism, integrity, kindness and dedication, we  have been the chosen company over all of our bigger competitors by delighted clients in Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, and Acworth Ga since 2013. Thank you for choosing Eco Fusion Carpet Care for close to 10 years now! 

It has been such a pleasure to serve and we look forward to many more years with you!

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Why Do People Choose Us? Just Watch.

Eco Fusion Carpet Care is the leading edge in carpet cleaning in Northwest Georgia. Our goal is to provide a healthy, affordable, environmentally responsible carpet and upholstery cleaning. While providing high quality service, we strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. We use the Rotovac system along with the best GREEN products on the market so we not only clean, we restore!  Most companies use what is called a wand, which is a long rod that is flat on the end. It sprays out and sucks up hot soapy water. Our system has 3 sprayers and 3 vaccuum slots and also spins! As it rotates, it agitates the carpet resulting in a thourough, deep clean. The result is soft, clean, rejuvenated carpet!

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About Us

‚ÄčEco Fusion Carpet Care is a licensed and insured carpet and upholstery cleaning company proudly servicing the Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw and Acworth areas. We are a locally owned family business who has been serving our customers since 2013. We strive to get the job done right the first time with client satisfaction as our number one goal.

Our services include residential and commercial carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. 

Our vision is to be a light in our community and we strive to create life-long customer relationships so that Eco Fusion is the first company thought of when a carpet cleaning need arises.

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Clean & Healthy

While you want your carpets and upholstery to look nice and last longer, cleaning your carpets, rugs and furniture is imperitive to keeping you and your family healthy. 

Carpets and fabric can become home to many allergens, including dust mites, pet dander and other irritants. 

Many people choose to rent a machine and buy  soaps and chemicals to clean their own carpets. This does much more harm than good. The soaps and chemicals used leave behind a sticky residue that can be harmful and also attract dirt, making carpets dirtier faster.

This is a picture of soap residue left behind from a previous cleaner that we tackled. Soaps are sticky and in the end, they cause your carpets to become dirtier faster. Skip the soaps, and call Eco Fusion Carpet Care. We clean GREEN.

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We have been servicing home and business owners, along with property managers and realtors, for over 9 years and the one thing that each have in common is that they are all looking for a professional to come in and help aid in the process of cleaning and freshening up worn out carpets and upholstery. That is our specialty and we work hard to exceed our clients' expectations. When you care for your floors and furniture, you are doing so much for your health, not to mention how pleasing it is to have soft, clean carpet beneath your feet! 

At Eco Fusion Carpet Care, we have carefully selected some of the best equiptment and products on the market to make sure our job is done in the best way possible. Because of this, our company is set apart, and since 2013 we have proudly serviced hundreds of satisfied customers. 

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What our customers are saying

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We had Eco Fusion clean the carpets in our church building and they did a fantastic job! Not only was the turn around time great but it was evident that they take pride in doing a great job. I highly recommend them!

Todd L

"David was very professional and answered any questions that I had. He was quick to respond via email/phone, and when the day of the appointment arrived, he as on time and very friendly. The carpets were disgusting and (by the looks of it) hadn't been cleaned at all since the owners bought the house 6 years ago. David made those carpets shine and the whole house smells incredible. The carpets didn't have a nasty soapy residue but instead, they were so soft! I'm very pleased with the service and professionalism of Eco Fusion Carpet Care and would gladly recommend this company to anyone!"

Natasha G.

"This company is amazing!! I have used all the big name companies and they never did as nice a job as this one. David got out stains I have had for years, after 15 years of getting our carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, they have never looked as good as this time. He has a customer for life with us!"

Eileen W.

"My mother was out of town for an extended period of time and I wanted to surprise her by having her carpets cleaned while she was gone. David was prompt, courteous, enthusiastic, and neat. His equiptment seemed to do the job well. I could see a lot of old soap residue being pulled from the carpet through his equiptment from old carpet cleanings that apparently left a lot behind. The carpets smelled fresh and dried quickly. He was respectful of the property and took care of the furniture. As soon as she got home, my mom noticed immediately that her carpets had been cleaned. She could see the difference right away!"

Geri D.